Ever want your Minecraft to look a bit more special? Water Reflections? Plants waving in the wind? God Rays?

Well shaders are where it’s at.

Continuum Shaders

My personal favorite is Continuum Shaders. That being said, they are fairly resource intensive and most computers are not going to be able to run these at a good frame rate.

BSL Shaders

The one I use the most often, and is very good looking is BSL Shaders:


  1. First you’ll need optifine which you can grab here:
  2. After downloading optifine, drop this into your ‘mods’ folder in your Minecraft instance.
  3. Next, create a folder in the root instance directory (see image below) called shaderpacks.
  4. Next, drop the file in that shaderpacks directory.
  5. Finally, after booting up the game, go to your Video Settings > Shaders, and select the desired shader pack.

Note: Sometimes your game will crash when selecting the pack. This is generally ‘normal’. Usually upon rebooting the game, it will have correctly loaded the new shader pack. 

Additional Notes:

Here are some common problems with shaderpacks:


  • Astral Socery
    • S:weakSkyRenders: 0
  • Botania
    • B:shaders.enabled=false
  • Advanced Rocketry
    • B:overworldSkyOverride=false
  • Dynamic Surroundings
    • In mod options (in-game) – disable auroras


  • astralsorcery-client.toml
    • skyRenderingEnabled = []
  • botania-client.toml
    •  shaders = false

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