Project Ozone 3: Titan Tips

After playing PO3:Titan a few times, I gathered a few of the tips that I usually follow that help me progress.

First big list is by /u/RaverenPL who posted a long list which you can find here: Reddit Link

  • Yabba seems better that storage drawers. You can get infinite storage easily (1 nether star for 64 upgrades!). However, locking barrels is terribly tedious and doesn’t always work (I’ve had multiple instances of barrels resetting their content even if they were locked)

  • Item repairer from Actually Additions is an amazing block. You can use RF to repair any item without it losing enchantments.

  • If you can’t find ember golems, go to hunting dimension. I suggest having some sort of flight already though. John Cena creepers are deadly.

  • Rhino shield is perfect for exploring Twilight Forest or Erebus. Also it’s very handy during boss fights. Antlion overlord was able to hit me for 5-6 hearts, but parrying with rhino shield completely nullifies that. During parrying you are also faster that without shield, so that’s also a plus.

  • In Erebus and Twilight Forest you cannot fly (at least not from abilities). I suggest getting nice leveled jump boost/step assist for those dimensions.

  • Alchemical bag is cheap and is better than Golden Bag of Holding

  • Not sure if that’s because of my spawn in this pack, but portal in Erebus didn’t spawn for me. So keep that in mind to have not only Staff of Gaea, but Gaean Keystone, stone bricks and some leaves aswell.

  • Wither has around 20% chance to drop Infinity Booster Card for wireless terminal

  • You can make steel in tinker’s smeltery.

  • If you fall to void, you will get in the nether at RANDOM place. So if you fall and somehow die (for example nice trip straight to lava). Don’t jump again hoping to get your items back. You can be thousands blocks away. Because of that, try having overworld apples always with you, at least until you get flight.

  • Don’t craft tome of alkahestry. It’s max charge is

  • Magical wood tool binding + red alloy handle + manyullyn pickaxe head will give you nice pickaxe with enough modifiers to make it unbreakable.

  • EIO Farming Station breaks crop sticks and does not return seeds – BE CAREFUL! – Especially on servers where you can’t just /give them back to you. You can use them with normally planted seeds without problems though.

  • Want to make nice fast-growing farm? You have access to: Agricraft sprinklers, Lilypads of Fertility, Agricarnations, Growth Crystals, Watches of Flowing Time and probably other stuff. In early game I suggest having ability Bonemealer 5 on you. If you have 1/1/1 seeds on crop sticks and you stand nearby they grow nearly instantly. You won’t be able to collect a 3×3 plot by yourself. It’s that crazy.

  • Epoleatry sword is nice but looks terrible in multiplayer and doesn’t break cobwebs like a sword should.

  • Antlion Overlord despawns if you die. Learned that the hard way.


Some additional tips from /u/Yatta99:

  • For early sifting; a stone hammer will break compressed cobblestone (gravel/sand) making things go 9x faster.
  • If you have a slime island nearby; it is worth making a bridge to get slimy dirt, slime saplings, and slime blocks. You can make bouncy boots and a sling from these (helpful for other dimensions).
  • There are villages in the Hunting dimension. There are also a ton of mobs. Having flight before you go is recommended.
  • Get used to storage drawers and crates because inscriber plates for AE2 are locked behind mystical agriculture. Prosperity shards and inferium can be found in the Deep Dark.
  • The Deep Dark also has Marble.

Lastly Some additional tips from me:

  • This is my go-to for tinkers weapons which has good stats and all weapons/tools: Excel Sheet
  • Rush /dank/null as it can store gravel/sand/etc and then you can auto pull from that when you are sifting (Early Game)
  • Regeneration and Saturation are really good rewards to spend RAK on – Free health and no hunger!
  • Don’t spend on flying, you can probably get an angel ring faster: Of which remember witch water will turn squids into ghasts!
  • Rush the furnace upgrades, they are very very Overpowered!
  • Start a cobble gen ASAP – The deep dark portal takes a LOAD of cobblestone.
  • Patient loot bags take about 20 minutes in 2 loot bag openers to finally reveal a nether star.
  • Wand of animation may or may not be very very OP
  • Heat sand from the nether is 150x Lava Generation – Then pump that lava into lava gens
  • EnderIO is a great start point for alloy/grinding
  • Agricraft is in this pack, so you can upgrade your plants. Additionally, you can upgrade them with no partner, so by placing a pair of cross-crop sticks next to a plant, it will upgrade it’s stats and spread by default.
PS: I kept the Grey Background because it looked kinda interesting?

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